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I take my dog, Annie, with me everywhere I go and whenever I can include her in a photo, I take full advantage. 
I'm the girl with a 1000 nicknames: Bons, Bon Bon, Bonald, Bonyonce, Bon With The Wind, Banye West, and the list goes on... let me know if you have any more to add.
I'm the owner and creator of Bonnie Rebecca Macrame. Check it out!
I find myself constantly eating way too much sugar and drinking way too much coffee
I am terrified of birds and whales. Also, totally unrelated,
I hate milk and cheese.
(But don't let that sway
you. I'm a very normal[ish person)

to tell your story

I believe that I am here

Meet your  


Whether you want pictures

on a mountaintop or at your favorite little bar or cafe,

I'm all about it. 

I became a photographer because it was a way for me to provide hope and joy for the people around me. I want to capture memories that you will cherish, ones that you will print out and hang on your walls. 
I want to focus on you and your story

Your vision. Your dreams.

I am not about making your photos like everyone else's. I'm not searching for the perfect picture on Instagram. I don't care about that. I care about what is important to you. I want to put you first.  

If there's one thing I've

learned as a photographer

Focus on what matters to you, not what your
friends are doing, not what you see on Pinterest. What matters to you? If want to capture that!

There is no pressure to

be perfect

Are you ready to make this happen? Cause I am!

Let's create something so special together

Let's connect!

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